You are at the heart of a clients’ financial planning, whether for their family or for their business.  Providing advice or guidance on protecting and growing assets for families and ensuring businesses and their employees are taken care of when it really counts.   


You make referrals to solicitors and then lose control of the service delivered to your clients. You hope for referrals from solicitors you work with, but these are infrequent and unpredictable. 


You can manage relationships and you are great at working with clients.  Why not apply your brand to legal services and offer your client that single point of contact for all of their advisory needs? 


Carbon is a white label full-service regulated platform for solicitors that provides access to an SRA regulated structure, comprehensive systems and applications and the people needed to support the efficient operation of your back office.  We provide a complete turnkey operation that frees our platform firms to concentrate on providing exceptional legal services to their clients.  


Carbon has been set up to work right of out of the box, or can be configured in our to create a bespoke toolkit and infrastructure that is a precise fit for your firm, your team and your clients. We can even provide you with lawyers to do any work required or source staff for you.


So in summary, Carbon enables you to have your own law firm without the costs and hassle of setting one up or running one and with access to Concierge services we can support you in resourcing your business.